HOLLER! The 5th edition of your most favorite evening for performance will take place on april 10th at Ida Nowhere​.

——————deutsch version:

HOHO! Die fünfte Ausgabe eueres liebsten Abends der Performance-Kunst-Beweihung. Am 10. April in Ida Nowhere. Eintritt frei, Spenden an die Künstler werden erbeten. Wohl an.

dadaistisches bauhaus.
The program so far:





Debut performance. A theatre piece. It’s dramatic, graphic and speaks from the voice and mind of a killer. A man on death row speaks of inevitable infatuation and betrayal.



JOAN S D and KATE McD — DIS place

A performance for texts-in-progress, tape and voice about places—finding them, losing them, falling into them.







random artist of the month: AMIR DEKEL

Info: Amir Dekel​



Entry: FREE (donations for artists will be asked)

Doors open: 19:00

Performances start: 20:00 (sharp)

There will be street food and nice beverages.







The 4th issue of PERFORMATIVE . FRIDAY! will take place on march 6th at Ida Nowhere!

Still hungover from 100° Festival? Good! So be ready for the upcoming edition of PERFORMATIVE FRIDAY! And for those who missed the performance of ONE : THIRD at sophiensaele, no hustle, babes! On March 6th you will get another chance! Plus hell of a further program!


————————————————- PROGRAM:


ONE : THIRD COLLECTIVE – Fate of the Galaxies

„Periodically galaxies cross too close one another
objects of different philosophy begin to interact
attract themselves
slow down
Unravel one of their arms
they do not collide but fly by each other
brief interaction sets in motion tremendous changes
they are drawing back together
their shapes rearrange
flashes accompany creation of new stars
but most of the time nothing happens.”


Urizen Freaza – Fictional Recall

This is a collaborative project based on resurrecting forgotten memories.

I purchased a plastic bag full of Super 8 reels for 10€ at the flea market. When screening them at home i discovered that what i had in my hands was nothing but somebody’s family memories. After the first shock, i began to feel really disgusted by the fact of this memories being sold, rejected or, at least, forgotten. I projected all the footage and cut it in one minute length clips which didn’t follow any intention or idea and that i offered to writers to give them a second life. The idea was to invent a fictional context for those memories with unknown origin, to write a story in first person that made them their own. So those orphan keepsakes could recover the lost value. And in a certain way, the idea was also to emulate the way our own memory works.


Alex The Astonishing – Constellation

Constellation is an experimental juggling piece which raises the question of what happens when an unstoppable force meets a very short attention span.

Sattyr Sun

Debuts some of his songs. For the first time we will be pleased by contemporary korean-chinese music.

Here’s some lyrics:

»Hypernation, private nation,
When I close my eyes a new world before me,
I’m travelling backward, I’m travelling forward,
Three dimensions can not confine me.
Don’t recall my name, a stranger in my name,
Time and memory have played a trick on me,
I’m reading a sign, I’m sending a sign,
Certain in mind what the future will be.«


C U there!

Doors open: 19:00

Performances start: 20:00 (sharp)

There will be street food and nice beverages.







The 3rd issue is happening — February, 6th 2015 at Ida Nowhere.

Entry: Free (Donations for performers will be asked)

Am 6. Februar 2015 bietet Ida Nowhere erneut die Gelegenheit, sich in einer bunten Mischung an Performance,  Video-Installation und Extravaganzen zu verlieren, um sich in entspannter Atmosphäre des Ausklangs wiederzufinden.

Geöffnet ab 19 Uhr. Performances beginnen 20 Uhr (pünktlich, uh-huh!)

Das Programm:



Power of Vulnerability is a lecture performance created in the context of the “Queer Free Thinking and Self-Expression” day in London 2014. This play of strengths and energies, the power threshold of the public/audience separation, its erratic movement practices – everything leads to the same end: a place of realness where actions can transcend space, and words can transcend people. The artist firmly believes that this context is only reachable through self-exposure and shameless weakness: the power of vulnerability.


Glenn Crossley – ALIENS

Aliens is a performance that deals with the situation of being part of the audience and being part of the performance. Is there a difference and what are the specific symptoms of it? The audience/performer relationship is explored and expanded in this 50 person, 10 minute show. It’s short, sweet, and hopefully powerful

Created by Glenn Crossley and assisted by Elizabeth Kundela.


Wahshi Kuhi – UNTITLED

Wahshi Kuhi is an artist and human rights activist from Kurdistan, Iran. Born in 1979, he grew up surrounded by war. Unlike the other children, he was always frightened. His family was politically involved and his father went to jail twice for his activities. Wahshi fled his country at the age of 23. He studied Art at the Salahaddin University-Hawler (SUH) in Erbil, Iraq, and graduated in Plastic Art.

Today, Wahshi lives and works in Berlin. Most of his installations and live performances are politically motivated. But this Friday, it’s all about LOVE. “My heart craves for love, but my head wants something else. What can the heart do?” We will explore.



Video Installation:


Silvia Maggi is a journalist and video maker. Retrospective is a loop of her recent video art considering topics like gender, identities and activism.


Doors open: 19:00

Performances start: 20:00 (sharp)

There will be street food and nice beverages.




Strip-tease Performance

Kurz vor Weihnachten wird´s nochmal kuschelig in der Ida –
mit der Performance Strip-tease von Alice Pons und Jean-Lorin Sterian.

Strip-tease is a series of short solos exploring the well-known concept of striptease. More than just a performance, the piece becomes an intimate moment shared with the audience, a social gathering, a strip-tease of the concept itself. Trough different approaches, the show will strip and tease the performer, as well as the audience, the body, the human, the emotions and thoughts; it will explore and question the border between the performer and the audience, between intimacy and perfomativity, inciting the different representations of the seductive self.

strip TEASE

Alice Pons is a young French performer and choreographer. Graduated from the Conservatory of Paris in contemporary dance in 2007, she worked during one year in France as a performer before coming to Amsterdam to study choreography at SNDO (School for New Dance Development) where she made few of her main performances like Meat, The Invisible Dance or, the last one, Trudge in collaboration with Quim Bigas. She received recently the danceWEB sholarship 2012, part of the international festival Impulstanz as well as The fond podiumkunsten Ontwikkelingsbeurs from Netherlands and la bourse Jeune Talent from Noisiel, her hometown in France as a support and recognition of her work. She performed and presented her work in Mexico, Brasil, Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany. She is very active in the Netherlands where she took part in different festivals like Springdance, with the work of Deborah Hay or Something Raw with Ann Liv Young and Benoit Lachambre. In July 2012 she graduated from SNDO.

Jean-Lorin Sterian is a writer and performer. He published four fiction books, one of essays and one of anthropology. In 2008 he created lorgean theatre – “a theatre of intimate spaces” in his own apartment, an open place for actors and dancers, which became a trademark for alternative culture in Bucharest. He performed in the play Inertia for everybody (2010), along with Eduard Gabia, Alexandra Pirici, Maria Baroncea and Vlad Basalici. He performed several times at Casual Wednesday at the Romanian National Dance Centre. He participated in workshops lead by Bojana Cvejic, Ivo Dimchev, Brynjar Bandlien, Florin Fieroiu, Eduard Gabia, Manuel Pelmus, Anne Juren, Janez Jansa, Ivo Dimchev, Alva Noe, Igor Dobricic. In 2012 he received the danceWEB scholarship for ImpulsTanz Vienna and the residency at the Marguerite Yourcenar Villa. He made his solo debut in performance (Zugzwang, 2012) at the Romanian Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival – 1st edition, during eXplore dance festival 2012. In 2013 he performed in the Romanian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, in the project An Immaterial retrospective of the Venice Biennale, by Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmus.


Samstag/Sonntag: 23./24. Juni: „Geschlossene Gesellschaft“ (Theater)

Diesen Samstag und Sonntag wirds wieder theatralisch …

Bezirk12 spielt
„Geschlossene Gesellschaft“

Am 23. und 24. Juni, jeweils um 19:30 Uhr, präsentiert die Theatergruppe
Bezirk12 Jean-Paul Sartres Theaterstück „Geschlossene Gesellschaft“. Drei
Menschen finden sich in einem Zimmer zwischen vier Wänden, drei Sesseln und
einer Winkekatze wieder. Sie sind sich gänzlich fremd und unausweichlich nah
zugleich. Bald stellen sie fest: Die Hölle, das sind die anderen. Und die
einzige Tür scheint für immer verschlossen.

Es spielen Laura Herzog, Lisa-Marie Kunz, Maud Mallet-Henry und Josefa Kny.

Geöffnet ab 18 Uhr.
Der Eintritt ist frei; Spenden sind gern gesehen.




Samstag, 12. Mai: dada_hipster_gymnastik von claVius brigardius

BOSS OLUP gesellschaft präsentiert:


claVius brigardius


in diskotorischer umgebung offeriert diese tantz_lage mit kalaidischen bewegungen die optimale entspannung für zuseher und part_takerz. workshop_seminar_labo flavor garantiert! aus einer KRETONischen liste werden diverse contemporary dance_klassiker ausgesucht während claVius brigardius dazu tantzt. der animator der BOSS OLUP gesellschaft lädt das publikum zum mittanzen ein. achtung! es macht spaß und ist lustig. diskooutfit von vorteil, aber nicht nötig.

mach mit und forme deinen körper! wie gernot untergruber schon einst sagte:


dance tonite, revolution tonite!

dadaistisches bauhaus [paul_celAn_spiegel/manufaktur blidender gestus], 2012.
dada_sozial_monster – #identität





Samstag, 3. März: Wellness Theater

Wellness Theater: The 2000 hours of the lost tomato!

… wo man frei von Sorgen glücklich ist, wo das Leben einfach ist, und die Ananas ist extra süß.
Komm vorbei und höre schöne, alte, neue, schreckliche, freche, peinliche, liebevolle, traurige, lustige Geschichten.
Währenddessen werdet Ihr von wunderbaren Leuten massiert – da werden Tee und Wein und Snacks auch dabei sein.

Wir freuen uns auf euch:
Jasminka, Jefferson, Kaisa, Bori und das Wellness Team: Jion, Eva, Sebastian, Micky, Amir, Kata, Kamir, Martin&Martina, Marina und die mysteriöse Alviese, Mireia, Guillem und Pamela

Geöffnet, wie immer ab 18 Uhr
Programm ab 20 Uhr



Samstag, 20. August: Dancing, Not Dead (Theater)


Dancing, Not Dead is a play about the boundaries of truth, and the tragic cost to those who seek to own it.

Ellen and her mother return from Alexander’s funeral. Ellen is broken, wondering why her father has killed himself. Her mother is buoyant, recollecting memories of her favorite ballerina.  Petty banter reveals a deep conflict between the two, as well as with the world they inhabit In this family, no one backs down – „being strong“ is one’s only chance for survival.  But when does strength cross the line from constructive to destructive?

Come see the first presentation and lend your voice to the development of Dancing, Not Dead.  Performed in English and broadcast around the world!


Beginn: 20h



27. November: Die Toten sind ein unseriöses Volk (Puppentheater)

flyer_toten_webBeginn: 20h

Eine Textmontage russischer Autoren der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts. (Anton Tschechow, Alexander Blok und Daniil Harms, u.a)

Ein Stück für einen Spieler, Objekte, Puppen und Marionnetten (für Erwachsene)

Dennis Katzmann: Spiel/ Puppen/ Objekte /Technik
Coraline Grandin: Regie / Dramaturgie/ Bühnenbild

Ensemble T.A.T
HfS „Ernst Busch“, Berlin, Abteilung für Puppenspielkunst

Es ist nicht gesagt, dass alle Wesen, denen wir begegnen, zwangsläufig lebendig sein müssen, es ist sogar wahrscheinlich, dass wir oft Toten die Hand schütteln.“ (M.Maeterlink)

Ein Haufen unbelebter Dinge. Im Halbdunkeln erkennt man Objekte, Werkzeuge, Holzfiguren, Puppen, Körperteile. In der Mitte steht ein Tisch, wie eine Insel, beleuchtet von einer kleinen Lampe. Am Tisch sitzt ein Mensch.

Ständig beobachtet von sich selbst und anderen, fängt er an Geschichten zu erzählen. Und weil er selbst keine Worte hat, sprechen die Gegenstände für ihn. Und was sie zu erzählen haben ist erstaunlich und erschreckend. Doch wer sich von den „toten“ Objekten führen lässt, geht das Risiko ein selbst zwischen Realität und Fiktion, zwischen Leben und Tod, zu enden.

Aber was bedeutet es überhaupt „lebendig zu sein“? Und genügt „nicht Tot sein“ als Antwort?

Fotos der Aufführung:


5. 6. 7. & 8. August: Time! (and/or Progress?)

This Foreign Concept + The Plastic Arts
Time! (and/or Progress?)

Thursday-Sunday @ 19:30

Free Performance August 5
Friday-Sunday 5 Euros

The Show
Time! (and/or Progress?) is the first collaboration between performance companies This Foreign Concept and The Plastic Arts. The collaboration will take the form of a joint performance called TIME! ( and/or Progress?) The piece explores themes of time and its passage by utilizing time theory, specifically the Theory of Recurrence, as a theatrical device. The piece will attempt to expose the idea that we ultimately cannot know the meaning of anything, thereby celebrating the absurd, the fantastic, and the potentially scientific: the endless possibilities of our existence.

The Companies
This Foreign Concept is an international performance ensemble with core members currently residing in Berlin, Copenhagen, and New York City. By living in multiple places we are consistently growing our individual exposure to new and diverse performance practices, then returning to each other to share these ideas in order to expand and deepen our generative process in the studio. Our main interest, besides the creation of new work, is the continuous exchange of art-making ideas and techniques gained from our individual cultural environments. We hope to expand this exchange to an ever widening international artistic community as we continue to show our work around the world. This Foreign Concept is interested in capturing and capitalizing on the uniqueness of sharing the experience of live performance with the audience – of stripping away the formalities and personalizing the experience without pandering.

The Plastic Arts is a collaboration between performance artist Jake Hooker and theatre designer Tláloc López-Watermann. The work takes the shape of performance/lectures in which fact, fiction, and various histories (personal and public) are woven together into multi-media, interdisciplinary “talks” on various subjects. Or, as Compton’s Pictured Encyclopedia, 1922 would have it: „To Inspire ambition, to stimulate the imagination, to provide the inquiring mind with accurate information told in an interesting style, and thus lead into broader fields of knowledge — such is the purpose of this work.“

The Work
This Foreign Concept’s rehearsal and devising process is facilitated by the director but all content is generated by the ensemble. We collaborate with designers in the room to create the theatrical world as we make the show itself. The piece will be constructed from a variety of source texts including the play Time and the Conways by JB Priestly and its original source, An Experiment with Time by JW Dunne, which sets forth his “Theory of Recurrence.” According to Dunne, all time is happening simultaneously: the past, present, and future are one. From this idea we construct an event that does the same, weaving together the disparate strands of several distinct, but overlapping, possible performances.

For the first time, The Plastic Arts will utilize the source material of other artists – as well as their organization of the stage space – as fodder for a lecture. Both companies will utilize additional sources such as classic radio shows, podcasts, scientific lectures and research, and found video. What will result is a kind of performance palimpsest where the layers of rich and diverse material become new language, music, song, gesture, and dance. Rather than being episodic and collage-like we seek to create a harmoniously inter-woven unified piece. The texts, rather than existing to motivate, justify, or explain, contribute to the whole as a supporting layer in the dense visual and aural landscape.

Please visit http://vimeo.com/channels/thisplasticconcept for selected work samples.