Samstag, 6. November: Katzenklo Weltmeisterschaft + Koto (Concert)

Ab Nachmittag … die weltweit erste
Katzenklo Fussball WM
Einlass: 16h / Spiele: 17 – 20.30

Ende der Veranstaltung: 21.30h

Das Debüt der Katzenklo Weltmeisterschaft findet am 6. November 2010 bei Ida Nowhere (Berlin/Neukölln) statt.

Zwei gegen Zwei – treffen muss man in eines der Katzenklos. Spielzeit zwei mal fünf Minuten.
Acht Mannschaften spielen im KO-System um den grossen Pokal.

Alle Detailinfos auf der extra KatzenKlo Fussball Weltmeisterschaft Seite.




Abendprogramm: Konzert:
Fumie hihara (Koto) & Yutaka Kaido (Kontrabass)

HIHARA Fumie (Koto)

Having started playing the ‚Koto‘, the classical japanese instrument since 9 years old, also started playing the another classical japanese instrument kind of acoustic guitar ‚Shamisen‘ since 15 years old, which has three strings only, and sounds very dry. The instractor diploma was given when 17 years old. In 1998, having graduated from Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. Since 2004 having been coming over between France and Japan in order to play her performance and compose works. Not only her solo performance but also collaborations with many artists from dance companies, theatres, movie films, and more other various types of artists.

Yutaka Kaido (Kontrabass)

Double bass player,composer Yutaka Kaido has performed many kinds of jazz, pop, and improvised music, collaborations with dance, butoh, and visual arts.
Yutaka Kaido was born in Tokyo. At the age of 5, he started to study piano.
Then he joined Modern Jazz Workshop in art university and began to play double bass.
He won 4 prizes on Yokohama jazz competition
as a member of a Tachibana quartet on 2000.
On 2008 and 2009, he visited Berlin and had several concerts with German jazz musician.

Beginn: 21h
Das Konzert findet bei unseren Nachbarn Hagestolz statt!