Samstag, 24. Juli: „The Devices Project“ (Exhibition and Screening) & Waywardbreed (Concert)

Exhibition and Screening:
„The Devices Project“
by Rachel Marsden

This project aims to encourage debate about the effect our personal devices – phones, cameras, laptops, mp3’s etc – have on our relationships with other people and our external environment.

The images will be screened from 7pm.

For more information about the artist: www.rachelmarsden.com.au
Live Acoustic Concert:
Sweet folk hiding in a dark room, a beautiful sound from an ugly black bird with bad intentions.


WaywardBreed has been roaming around in my background for years, pacing like a caged animal, whispering his words into my ear, goading me into taking him on. I ignored him for a long time. Then about a year ago, in a foreign city, with everything crumbling to dust, he finally broke through my skin… he’s the animal to my human…“

WaywardBreed (AUS) is currently based in Berlin, and has recently completed a tour of France, Norway and The Czech Republic to promote his/their first album „Rising Vicious“. Copies of the album are available from the artist. He is now working on new songs and finding ways to stay in Europe.