Samstag, 8. Mai: Penny Rafferty & Vostok 1K

Doppelpack Veranstaltung bei Ida Nowhere:

Packung 1:
Penny Rafferty (Lesung)
*Penny is a native of various places, but delivers in the english language a rhythm of words confessing the everyday truths.*

Packung 2:
Vostok 1K (acoustic blues-punk)
Vostok 1K is original guitar music, a bloody experiment that looks up in the sky. It has been tested with dogs and monkeys, some of them survived, other died. Now it’s time for humans. Vostok 1K ’s transmissions use Catalan or English and French with accent for the words, blues mutations as fuel and a rhythmic communication system. Kids like it.



Zu Umtrunk, Käffchen oder kleinen Essereien geöffnet ab 18Uhr.

Programmbeginn: 20h

Ausschnitte vom Konzert:

Vostok 1K – For nothing:

Vostok 1K featuring Y – On ne perd jamais:

Vostok 1K featuring Y – Mate Soulmate Soul“ (Nick Herbert’s „Soul Mate“ poem cover):

„Das unglaubliche Cello von Mitja Rasputin“:

Fotos der Veranstaltung: