Am Freitag … Meditation, Bühnen- und Drag-Show



Diese nehmen wir den Herbst ganz leicht und verwöhnen euch beim energetischen Energiegewinn zum Zuschauen. Die Wellness World von DIVINA öffnet ihre Pforten und lädt euch zur Entspannung per Unterhaltung ein. Einfach pure cozyness genießen. Freitag, 13. November 2015. Ab 20 Uhr geöffnet. Bussis!




After her appearance in the French countryside last summer DIVINA is coming to Berlin once again to give a fantastic show!
Come and meet her, come and get know her, she wants you there
Come to experience the divine energy and welcome the cozy, pure and wellness world
Join us for a night full of magic, glam, beauty, joy, fun and music

What is DIVINA?

Divina is feminine spirit channeled to physical reality
Divina is sacred manifestation, coming from the infinity of the universe
Divina is feminine power
Divina is pure glam
Divina is sensuality
Divina is beauty
Divina is love

She is coming to tell you something
She is coming to give you a lesson
She is coming to shake your mind
She is coming to heal you with a laugh!

Come to the show, there are things that can not be described with words, you just need to experience them by yourself ;-)


She is coming
The feminine spirit wants to see the light through the physical world
The forces of the universe want her here
She wants to give you something
She wants to reach your heart

The show is coming
She wants to seduce you
She wants to play with her beauty
She is full of love, full of passion and wants to share it with you

Getting to physical

Her body moving through space
She talks to you
She plays for you
She teaches you

The melody makes magic
Harmony is being played
A voice is being heard

The light is all around
The music resonates our inner sounds
Enjoy the here and now

She is here!

After Show music to keep the divine flow
Best DIVINA music beats, stay for a while…​​ ;-)

Feel free to bring your camera ( She loves to strike a pose )
But don’t forget to bring your heart and your best self!
And if for any reason that day hasn’t been good, come for a change! ;-)

When: Friday 13th November
Bar open from 20:00hs
Doors to cozy world from 21:00hs
Show: 21:30hs (SHARP!)
Be early to get a good spot!


Entrance exchange: as this is a special event there will be a divine „modus operandum“ donation based system: Give from your heart: at the end of the show you give what you think it’s worth! ( from five euros to infinite is suggested )

Any currency is valid… cheques… bank transfers… DIVINA is international and universal! gold…silver… jewelry… goods… everything is welcome! ;-D

Your contribution will support DIVINA to keep growing and expanding ;-)

♥ ♥ ♥