9. Januar 2015: PERFORMATIVE . FRIDAY!


Yes, die zweite Ausgabe des performativen Abends! Am 9. Januar 2015 bietet Ida Nowhere mal wieder die Gelegenheit, sich in einer bunten Mischung an Performance, Tanz und Extravaganzen zu verlieren, um sich in entspannter Atmosphäre des Ausklangs wiederzufinden.

Geöffnet ab 19 Uhr. Performances beginnen 20 Uhr (pünktlich, uh-huh!)

Das Programm:



We are Olivia, a French musician who specializes in wind instruments, and Kyra, a Canadian contemporary dancer, and together we form Twist&Shout Collective. We explore various instances of instant composition here in Berlin. We enter new spaces, take into account all the information we see/hear/smell/feel and create a unique piece of work completely in the now.


Yan Gi Cheng is a British born Chinese multidisciplinary artist currently based in Berlin. His performance and poetry works deal with notions of displacement, cultural exile and ritualism often forcing absurd and contradictory actions and gestures to coexist as one.




EpistemAesth #1

Result of a laboratory at Ida Nowhere first two weeks of january 2015. What moves from inside or what is unhidden if standing into a column of cardboard. And what would be the song or the noise supporting this kinetikal experience. With a little help of two assistants…

The title as a contraction of Epistemology & Aesthetic express the try to enlarge the panorama of our beliefs regarding knowledge face to a simple evident situation. What’s behind this truth that whatever the way we look we miss something of the presence!? What’s beyond the intention to offer my presence as an echo!?




Bau #1 – An interactive piece

A sound we hear almost every day. A sound to communicate and activate emotions, play with the scale of empathy and volumes of intentions.

Movements are sounds activated from intentions, thoughts are sounds, creating rooms, spaces where new energy is engaged.

In recent years I developed my conceptual approach to dance theatre, in which a laboratory situation is created on stage in order to examine and highlight aspects of the relationship between the audience and the performers through movement, text and improvisation. My works has taken also the form of an ongoing research project. It is based on an interaction system developed by the artist – a concept that questions the idea of dramaturgy itself. It focuses on the audience and its influence on the evolution of the performance, which consist of previously established elements (structure, choreography, texts or voice as sounds) as well as improvisation



Doors open: 19:00

Performances start: 20:00 (sharp)

There will be street food and nice beverages.