ich-du-er-sie-es: Wir sprechen Deutsch.

Wir sprechen Deutsch.

am Donnerstag den 28.10.2010 / um 19 Uhr / im Ida Nowhere / Donaustraße 79 Berlin-Neukölln

ich-du-er-sie-es is a meeting of people living in berlin who are learning german and want to apply and improve it in a nice and easy get together.

it starts at 19 Uhr with a welcome and a dinner and then we will talk/eat/talk/drink/play/smile/talk/makemusic/talk – all together and probably we are going to have some fun. it ends at 22 Uhr – but there is a bar next door where we or you can go after and have a final drink, or something like that.

you are all very welcome no matter what your Muttersprache is or which german knowledge level you have as soon as you can tell your name in german.
everything – the food, the drinks and the fun is basing on donation.

please register in the fb event group or send us a message if you plan to come, so we can provide enough food and smiles for you.

Lisa und Divi – http://www.myspace.com/deutschfuerdich