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The 3rd issue is happening — February, 6th 2015 at Ida Nowhere.

Entry: Free (Donations for performers will be asked)

Am 6. Februar 2015 bietet Ida Nowhere erneut die Gelegenheit, sich in einer bunten Mischung an Performance,  Video-Installation und Extravaganzen zu verlieren, um sich in entspannter Atmosphäre des Ausklangs wiederzufinden.

Geöffnet ab 19 Uhr. Performances beginnen 20 Uhr (pünktlich, uh-huh!)

Das Programm:



Power of Vulnerability is a lecture performance created in the context of the “Queer Free Thinking and Self-Expression” day in London 2014. This play of strengths and energies, the power threshold of the public/audience separation, its erratic movement practices – everything leads to the same end: a place of realness where actions can transcend space, and words can transcend people. The artist firmly believes that this context is only reachable through self-exposure and shameless weakness: the power of vulnerability.

Glenn Crossley – ALIENS

Aliens is a performance that deals with the situation of being part of the audience and being part of the performance. Is there a difference and what are the specific symptoms of it? The audience/performer relationship is explored and expanded in this 50 person, 10 minute show. It’s short, sweet, and hopefully powerful

Created by Glenn Crossley and assisted by Elizabeth Kundela.

Wahshi Kuhi – UNTITLED

Wahshi Kuhi is an artist and human rights activist from Kurdistan, Iran. Born in 1979, he grew up surrounded by war. Unlike the other children, he was always frightened. His family was politically involved and his father went to jail twice for his activities. Wahshi fled his country at the age of 23. He studied Art at the Salahaddin University-Hawler (SUH) in Erbil, Iraq, and graduated in Plastic Art.

Today, Wahshi lives and works in Berlin. Most of his installations and live performances are politically motivated. But this Friday, it’s all about LOVE. “My heart craves for love, but my head wants something else. What can the heart do?” We will explore.


Video Installation:


Silvia Maggi is a journalist and video maker. Retrospective is a loop of her recent video art considering topics like gender, identities and activism.


Doors open: 19:00

Performances start: 20:00 (sharp)

There will be street food and nice beverages.