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Starting on December, every first friday of the month at Ida Nowhere, Dadaistisches Bauhaus is gonna host a performance night.

further information:


Ab Dezember veranstaltet Dadaistisches Bauhaus einen Performance Abend jeden ersten Freitag des Monats in Ida Nowhere.


First issues program

Installation/ Happening:



virtual crucifiction

An interactive virtual installation featured by Guru Gunnesh:

Become your own personal Jesus and receive instant redemption just by raising you arms (no religious memberships needed).

Learn the concept of convexHull( contours[i], hull[i], false ) and the awesome convexityDefects( contours[i],hull[i], convDef[i] ) !
God is inside the holy code and he/she/it will see you through their single eye.



Taryn McGovern


“greenhouse” is an ongoing physical research based on the process of photosynthesis. It is an improvisational score, investigating questions of intake, reaction, synthesis, and exuberance. I imagine this work as a practice in coming alive.



Barbara Berti

Bau #1


A piece for interactive audience

“A sound we hear almost every day. A sound to communicate and activate emotions, play with the scale of empathy and volumes of intentions.”

Movements are sound, that activate intentions. Thoughts are sounds creating rooms, spaces where new energy is engage.



Doors open: 19:00 // Installation running
Performances start: 20:30